Saturday, July 7, 2007

Kajang High School - Poem

My Beloved School
Labor Omnia Vincit

Up on the hill
Standing proud and still
Old and yet beautiful
Is my beloved school.
Born on the 1st of April
Fifty eight years ago,
On a day known as April’s fool,
She was christened
Kajang High School.
Boys and girls go to her,
To acquire knowledge from the wise
The country will have brilliant leaders,
With her everyone is happy,
Though sometimes a little naughty,
These carefree and happy days
Will be cherished in the future days,
I wish that time will pass slower,
So that I could stay here longer,
And don’t have to say goodbye
so soon,
To my beloved school.

Pau Kah Heng Form 4 Sc. 1
Written in 1977

The School 7-7-2007 12.43pm


Anonymous said...

Hi YK,

Your website was a pleasant discovery for me. I was a student of KHS too and also a student of Hill Street Primary school. But I am a year older than you.

Was in KHS from 1972 to 1978 ( Form One to Upper Six). Since you are a year younger, it's not wrong to assume you are in the same batch as Kwan Hock Hai. I was in the same batch as people like Tan Suee Chieh and Yeunh Oi Siong. Interestingly my classmate, Ng Yen Tien is mentioned in your blog. Yen Tien was in the same class as me in Form 2 and Form 3.

Indeed time has passed so quickly. I have spent the last 24 years in Singapore. There are quite a few KHS guys here in Singapore. Looking at that black and white picture brings back much memory. Infact I recognised many faces in the picture - the teachers like Mr Tai Lee Cheow, Chuah Ah Hock and that Mr Rajaratnam ( hope I get this right) in that black white picture of yours. Which one is you?

I guess we all get sentimental when we grow older. And a site like yours is one place to pull people together and to find old friends. Good work!!

Keep in touch. I hope to get more classmates and maybe put my class picture in there too…. if you don't mind and get some ball kicking to find one another. Friendship made in your youth last a life time - if we can find one another. Otherwise - it's really sad and a wasted chance.

Thanks and Warm Regards,

Kim-Hoe Tee, PMP

EDS Singapore
DID : +65 6428-1161
H/P : +65 9005-3169
Email :

Anonymous said...

Hi YK,

I was informed and checked out your website when the Class of 1977 (30th Year after leaving school) meet to organise a reunion dinner with teachers & classmates held on 07.07.07 at Prescott Metro Inn, Kajang.

I was a student of KHS and I am from Hill Street Primary (II)school.

I joined KHS from 1971 to 1977 to further my secondary school from Form One to Five falling into the same batch as Kwan Hock Hai (and a few of us) who has organised the event.

We get sentimental as we get older and to see faces after a lapse of thirty (30) years is quite a touching experience for some of us during the gathering and a site like yours is one good place to find & locate people who originated from Kajang, to find old friends especially in our teen years in Kajang, in school & as Kahison before venturing out to seek our dreams & goals in life.

I hope more classmates may use your site to find one another.

Thanks & warmest regards,

Josond Lee Shiuh Chu
Kuala Lumpur.

Hse : 03-4294 3073
H/P : 019-323 5238
Email :

Hazidi said...

A pleasant discovery indeed.
I visited Kajang HIgh last month. SO much has changed but the remnants of the parts and places that I remember are still there.
Class of 1983

rozario said...

just thought i would add something to this blog. i graduated from KHS in 1981. my dad taught there for the longest time. wondering if anybody remembers him, I.M. Rozario

Anonymous said...

Hi there, visiting Kuala Lumpur in a few days(for the first time). Want to go visit Kajang High School as my grand father studied there...he would love to see pictures of the school after so many years!!! Can anyone tell me how far it is from KL city and how best to get there. Thanks.

Kc and Yk said...

Kajang town is about 25KM from KL. And KHS from the Kajang Police Station is about 1KM on the side of the Police station entrance. You can use the regular bus service from Puduraya Bus Station or the Commuter Train Service from the KL Sentral station next to Mid-valley complex. Once you reach Kajang ask any shop owners on the direction of KHS which should be about 10 mins walking distance or just take a cab or taxi.

Unknown said...

I hope Rozario reads this because I most certainly remember his dad Mr I.M. Rozario. He was the disciplinary teacher during my tenure in KHS and if memory serves he did cane me a couple times (No hard feelings though as I am quite certain that I thoroughly deserved it). If you graduated in 1981, then Gilbert Rozario must be your elder brother. He and I were classmates since primary school and we remained so until form 5 in 1973. Its amazing how time flies.

Kc and Yk said...

Reminder to all old boys KHS if you would like to contact each other please leave your email and/or phone for easy contact

Tan Suee Chieh said...

I remember Rosario well, he taught me. I am Tan Suee Chieh. Left KHS in 1976. I have a good time there 5 years. Where is everybody?

Reuben S K Khoo said...

It was good to see many 'old' friends in the photos, many who I have not had a chance to keep contact. I'm Mr Khoo Huat Tat's son for those who remember he was a science teacher and the school rugby coach. I must say it was a good 5 years although I was away for a short while at RMC after Form 3 and then continued in KHS until Upper 6. It was a pity that I missed the Class of 1977gathering. Like some of us, I'm in Singapore and have been here for the last 24 years.

Anonymous said...

A very nice blog, brings back alot of good memories.
Would like to go back and do it all over again.

Class of 1983 - 1987