Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Broga Durian and Fruit Season

In July 2007 a group of friends were offered the opportunity to a durian party from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm at the durian orchard for only RM$ 10.00 per person. Our friends decided it was too early to start eating durian at 8 in the morning but we will come prepare by having a very light breakfast so that we will have durian feast later. Ten of them arrived at Broga Rukun Tetanga Post at around 12 and were treated to durians by Ah Leong (on the right) our durian seller cum chief cook of the restaurant (Restaurant 12-12) beside the Rukun Tetangga Post.

KC and myself decided to come in around 2.00 pm and it was the right decision as the first group had eaten almost 30 durian fruits of various type. By this time they started eating mangosteen (local fruit), rambutans and "dokong" a hybrid of "duku langsat". Sometimes human behaviour are predictable for RM$10 they want the money's worth of RM$100. We started enjoying ourselves and by 3.00 pm everyone was "surrendering" and "no more! I can't eat anymore!" but when Kenny another durian seller came to assist by choosing the better tasting variety. They could still eat a few more, greedy Malaysians at his best.

We took a breather and KC who brought a stove and tea pots to prepare tea for everyone. Chan Meng suggested pouring some water into the durian husk for drinking as this is known to reduced the "heat" from our body due to eating durians. Instead of water we used tea and coined a new name "teh O durian".

Later we proceeded to Dragon Fruit Farm (Broga) or Happy Fruit Land which is located about 2km from Broga Town towards Beranang Town to meet up with another group of friends from KL for a trek up Bukit Beranang. After durian feast we wanted to burn up the calories and what better way with a one and half hours trek. As we arrive at the farm our other friends were already eating fruits including durians. None of the first group dare to eat another durian no matter how they coaxed us.

We started trekking along a rubber plantation trail and followed a mark trail up towards a secondary forest and pass through many "lallang" (weed grass) before reaching the peak known as Bukit Beranang where you can view the Beranang Town, Semenyih Town and Broga Town. Later we trek back to the Dragon Fruit Farm, rested and took a bath at the farm and dinner from the fresh farm produce and karaoke away belting songs like Englebert Humperdink, Theresa Teng, Nat King Cole etc. We really enjoyed ourselves and plan to come again.

A video of a insect stick that looks like a twig.


Anonymous said...
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mingshen soo said...

hi. im a biology student from nottingham campus at semenyih.i gonna carry out a research project on dragon fruits and i saw on your blog u stated about a Dragon Fruit Farm. May i know the address pls? thanks.

Kc and Yk said...

HI Mingshen, you can call this Jason no.012 6628958. It should be easy from your Campus, upon reaching Broga Town turn right at the police station towards Lengeng. Past 2 Bridge (about 2km) and turn left estate road (look for happy fruit land signboard). Should be easy.

mingshen soo said...

okay... will try calling.. thanks ;)

Claire said...

Hi, may I know is that a durian farm you went to? Cos Im looking for a durian farm within short travelling distance. I'm coming fr PJ..


Kc and Yk said...

Yes Claire the Happy Fruit Land Farm does have durian.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!