Saturday, April 28, 2007

Kajang High School

In the year January 1973, I had been transfered to Kajang High School (KHS) the most prestigious school at that time, it was all male school only to have its history rewritten when they admit girls for the Form 6 classes. Everything was strange and different because in the primary school at Hill Street Kajang we had new buildings but in KHS it was colonial design, the building looked very stately like and very grand. As the main building was built in April 1 1930 and its opening was graced by His Royal Highness Sultan Alaiddin Suleiman Shah K.C.M.G. Sultan of Selangor. As the years past the building at its present site undergo many changes to what it is today. The picture on the right is the right wing, photo taken from road leading up to the main complex.

As boy scouts member we would always be active during most of the school's activities like sports day, cross country run etc. and on other occasions we would camp at our scout house (use to be located just behind the present KHS hall). During our camps we would collect bamboos from the opposite hill (now Bukit Mewah) and build many gadgets like tables and chairs just to test our scouting skills. And at night we would have campfire gatherings and our seniors would tell stories about KHS from ghost stories to the Japanese occupation and especially there were secret tunnels on the border of KHS and the Hockkien Cemetery. So during the day we went looking for secret tunnels and we found them, with fear and anxiety we climb down one particular tunnel which was about 6 feet deep and once inside there were connecting underground tunnels. It was dark except for the sun light through the tunnel, it was covered with cobweb we dare not venture further as it was near the cemetery, pretty scary for a young boy scout.

Sleeping in the school class rooms was also "hair raising" experience, at one particular dark night around 20 of us decided to sleep in the classroom in the main school building and somewhere after midnight, we were still awake and we heard footsteps along the corridor, without hesitating we rush out to see who it was. There was no one............. except.............. ... foot steps...........was clearly heard, really hair raising experience. Till today things still happened in the night without explanation.

KHS had many outstanding students, one of them who was transfered from another school (Victoria Institution) to Kajang High School was Tan Sri Dato' Dr. David Tan Chee Khoon who was a outstanding boy scout and also a patrol leader. Here is an extract ...

Tan Sri Dato' Dr David Tan Chee Khoon, born on 4 March 1919, was a V.I. student at High Street and later at the new V.I. in 1937-1938. He is perhaps the most renowned and respected Malaysian opposition leader of all time. He was also a most selfless doctor, a tireless educationalist, a humble christian and an avid reader and writer to boot. His two sons- Tan Kee Keong and Tan Kee Kwong - were Victorians (and doctors) as well. The latter was also the V.I. School Captain in 1965 and is now the Deputy Minister for Land and Co-operative Development. Tan Sri was close to his alma mater, and he even attended both the Centenary Countdown and Centenary Dinner in 1993. The following is the story of Tan Sri's inspirational life, extracted from his autobiography, Tan Chee Khoon: From Village Boy to Mr Opposition and from various articles.

If you have interesting stories about KHS you are welcomed and If you happened to be a KHS old boy or Class of 77, they will be having reunion dinner in 7 of July 2007 (7/07/2007) you can contact

Tony Choo 012-3667833 or
Kwan Hock Hai 019-2279209, 03-21635848

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hash House Harriers - Kajang Hash Begining


Hashing began in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 1938, when a small group of British colonial officials and expatriates, Cecil Lee, Frederick "Horse" Thomson, Ronald "Torch" Bennett, and a British accountant of Catalan descent Albert Stephen Ignatius Gispert(A.S Gispert), a casual group who would meet after work on Monday evenings to run, following a paper trail, through the environs of Kuala Lumpur to get rid of the excesses of the previous weekend. There was another member of the group, John Woodrow, who is rarely credited as one of the founders as he left Malaysia after the war to return home to his family in Scotland.

After running for some months they were approached by the Registrar of Societies, who advised them that, as they were a "group" they would require a Constitution (the aims of which are reproduced below) and a name. A.S. Gispert (known as "G") suggested the name. Hash House Harriers... Click on this for more hash details

By the year 2007 there are about 2000 chapters (clubs) in major cities and towns. In the beginning Hashing members were strictly Male and only later did they include Females and today there are all male chapters, mixed chapters and even children (to promote as a family outing). The history of Hashing in Kajang begin in the year 1988 and had its first run in Bukit Angkat Kajang. This chapter is known as Kajang Hash House Harriers (KH3, mix chapter) later another mix chapter was form by the name of Hulu Langat Hash House Harriers, followed by Batang Kajang H3 (BKH3, Male chapter). In the year 2000, Cheras Hash House Harriers & Harrierts (CH4, Mix Chapter) and the latest is Kajang Happy Happy Happy Hash House Horrors (subsidiary of BKH3,KH6, mix and includes children). There are many publicity about hash clubs but this slogan says it all "A running club with a drinking problem". Today there are members who are non-drinkers and drinkers.

Each member of the club will host a run regularly at the same time and same day of the week and he or she is known as the hare. He would have to set a run by choosing a run site for eg. Broga Rock Temple, he would enter the trail usually 3 to 4 hours earlier to lay papers to guide the other runners. A good run will typically last from an hour to two where all the runners safely returned to the run site. Whereby members and guest can drink and have a meal. After the "run" members would form a "circle" (informal meeting) to listen to news and jokes where members would like to enjoy their evening among hash friends. Some generous hares (host) would on their "run" sponsors T-Shirts for every member and guest and throw a sumptuous feast usually at a restaurant (NOT compulsory, can be at the run site with a simple meal).

Goldprick Chin says his most memorable run "my first run was at Bkt. Angkat Kajang, the hare was Mr. Tai Lin Yoong, it was such a long run with many hills going up and down it was agony but as soon as I reach the run site it felt dammed good"

Many hashers have many memorable runs which is why they joined the club, to the other hashers out there I am sure you have a memorable experience to share you can always put your story here.

Hash Runs every Week, For further information contact the below hasher (Normally each hash member will be baptized with a new name hence the funny names)

Kajang Hash House Harriers (KH3-Mix Chapters), Approx. 140 members, Runs every Saturday at 6.00pm
Contact Hasher Mr. Funtoong H/P 013-3388236

Hulu Langat Hash House Harriers (HL4-Mix Chapters), Approx. 100 members, Runs every Saturday at 6.00pm.
Contact Hasher

Batang Kajang Hash House Harriers (BKH3-Male Chapters), Approx. 100 members, Runs every Wednesday at 6.00pm.
Contact Hasher Mr. Goldprick Chin H/P 019-3383005

Kajang Happy Happy Happy Hash House Horrors (KH6-Mix with children chapters). Runs on alternate Sundays at 5.00pm
Contact Hasher Mr. Half Chicken H/P 012-6557093
he is the owner in the mentioned "Barbecue Chicken, Duck and Pork- Kajang Food"

Cheras Hash House Harriers & Harriettes (CH4-Mix chapter), Approx. 180 members, Runs every Tuesday at 6.00pm
Contact Hasher Mr. Funtoong H/P 013-3388236

Recent Addition:-

Danau Toba Hash House Harriers (DTH3)

Founded by Ibrahim Wong (member of Batang Kajang Hash

House Harriers (BKH3)) on the 9th July 2004. Co-founders: Lau

Lin San, Cowlin, Bicycle Man, Crazy Guy, Crazy Horse, Sakai,

Fatty Dragon, Pig Leg, Big John Silver and Piss Off.

Inaugural run (Thai Tao Run) was held on the 17 June 2005

at Phuket Island, Thailand. Men hash only. Runs monthly

on the 3rd Friday at 1800 hours.

Contact Ibrahim Wong at 016-316 7666.

Happy Hashing

Monday, April 9, 2007

Barbecued Chicken, Duck and Pork or Chicken Rice - Kajang Food

Years even before western fast food came into existence, Malaysians already started on the many varieties of Asian food available throughout the day and night and in many towns and cities. In Kajang town which is famously known as the 'Satay Town' where travelers will stop to enjoy the barbecued meat skewed with a short stick. There is another type of barbecued meat which others have slowly come to enjoy is the 'char siew fun' or 'char siew kai'.

Tucked away in a coffee shop next to Kajang's wet market is a stall called 'Leck Kee' which is actually a branch of the 'Leck Kee' of Semenyih Town. It operates during lunch hour from 11.00am to 3.00pm and are sold out usually by 2.00pm. Patrons sometimes have to queue for a table and sometimes a long queue for take away orders. The shops here used to be from Kajang Bazaar ( aerial view of Kajang town, the right hand side of the round about) and consists of many small eateries, sticker shop, newspaper, barber etc..

The 'char siew' or roasted pork belly is a mixture of fats and lean meat has a nice dark reddish colour and authentic tastes. Other than this dish you can try the 'char siew kai' (barbecue chicken), 'char siew up' (barbecue duck) and 'siew nyoke' (roast pork). Once you arrived at this stall you can't help noticing the stall owner with his stylish dyed hair. He can be quite snappy when your order is confusing to him or when there is a long queue but having our meal here on many occasions you find him sometimes amusing. He is also known as 'half chicken' or 'pun chaq kai' to many of his patrons, he got his name by being a member of the Batang Kajang Hash House Harriers club (will post a story about the Hash clubs of Kajang later).

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Another Fire - Early Morning News 4th April 2007 - Kajang News

This morning a few shophouses was on fire just in front of Metro Plaza and TNB office, billowing black smoke is seen from far. Roads from the Main Street, Jalan Reko, Jalan Tukang and Jalan Sulaiman was closed to traffic causing a massive jam. By noon the fire was brought under control by firemen from Kajang Fire Station. Reports by Patrick Chin from nearby shops reported that the Bicycle shop (corner shop facing Metro Plaza) was completely destroyed, second shop selling home plastic wares was almost completely burn only front portion left standing and the third shop's (Bonanza) back portion was destroyed. A sad incident for owners and espcially for the Home Plastic wares whom had experienced from a previous fire, (see story - Big Fire in Kajang Town). Sources said that the fire may have been caused by tenants cooking on the second floor of the bicycle shop, others says due to a short circuit. What ever is the caused will be investigated by the authorities. At this time there is no report of casualty but damages to property and stock could amount to a RM1 million. Photographs will be posted once it is obtained from friends who took pictures of the incident.

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