Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dangerous Junctions - Kajang Traffic

I have seen Kajang traffic grew by leaps and bounds since 1978 especially I obtained my driving license. The first thing I did was to invite my friend Ng Yen Tien (migrated to Australia), together we left on a 200km journey exploring Kuala Lumpur from 11.00pm till 4.00am with my father's car which run on diesel and for less than $8.00, at todays petrol prices probably you will be able to reach Mid Valley, period. Driving in Kajang in those days was really stress free unlike today, drivers need to be considerate be it driving slow or fast and always remember that there are others who are also using the road like you. I did have my fair share of receiving traffic summons and accidents and with that comes the experience knowing how to avoid the avoidable situations like not "speeding" at certain stretch of the road at a certain time if you know what I mean, and being cautious and attentive otherwise it will be a costly affair.

There are three dangerous junctions in Kajang where I find that by placing proper signboard and traffic lights with proper maintenance, many accidents could have been avoided. Due to maybe "tidak apa attitude" people just complained or "curse" when approaching this junctions and once they pass through it, they would nod and forget about it. For the poor fella who are involved in accidents in these junctions just have to experience the hassle of making police reports and insurance claims.

The first Junction is the Bandar Teknologi Kajang entry and exit, here I could not understand since its opening till today and after numerous accidents and near misses, still there are no traffic lights installed. Every time when I visit my friends who lives there, after that if you want exit towards Semenyih you will need to be very patient as there are many vehicles coming from Semenyih. Last I heard is that there are road works going on but for how long?. And till the day they finally install the traffic lights..."That will be the day..." as the song goes.

The second Junction is in town, in front of RHB bank, cars coming in from the Jalan Semenyih road is the right of way going towards the Metro Plaza direction but cars coming from left (Taxi Station) sometimes think that they have the right of way, so what happens, somebody will be starring like you have to give way or else... and some just bull doze their way through. If somebody just refuse to give way, accidents would result. There use to be a "Stop-Look-Go" road sign but it is missing maybe due to scrap metal collectors or poor maintenance, the authorities concerned should provide regular inspections to ensure that road signs are in place.

The third Junction is the many entry and exit points along Sungai Chua road from BP station to Vinny Plaza. There are just too many entry and exits without proper road sign. Sometimes cars going in and out where ever is convenient to them but dangerous to others. Either install road dividers or have proper road signs.

If you have further comments put it here and I believe with enough complaint and suggestions the MPKj and the counsellors would take note and especially with the expected up coming general elections, their actions will be scrutinized.