Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Big Fire in Kajang Town, 7 shophouses burn to the ground in the 60's

I remember one evening, pitch dark, there was a power cut at our house in Kajang Garden (Desa Bunga Raya). Everyone came out of their house and look up towards the sky, it was red with color and it was filled with smoke. Everyone was wandering what was happening, then came shouts that the town was on fire. Those days there weren't hand phones available and fixed line phones was only available to the rich. My mother was worried because our great grand father's shop was in town, she hurriedly took the bicycle and I sat on the back (common mode of transport in those days). It took her 15 minutes to reach the shop and what a sigh of relief when she saw the shop house intact. It was the opposite row of shop houses that was on fire, people were running here and there and fire engines with their siren howling were approaching. We just stood there like anyone else the fire was burning intensely and I could feel the heat radiating from the fire. People were shouting, and there were still people trapped in the building and some people tried to rush into the burning shop house but were held back by others. It was a tragic sight, the sound of fire crackers, fireworks were shooting dangerously close to other shop houses and shop dwellers were getting worried. Most of the shop houses were made of wood and were considered fire hazards. People were shouting to the firemen "over here the fire is spreading!!!". The fire was brought under control and all in all 7 shop houses was razed to the ground with hot smothering burning wood. They said 3 burn bodies was found the next morning.

How many of you remember that fateful day, many of you may have not been born, you probably could ask around for more details. If you found more stories, post your stories so that many others will read about the history of Kajang.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What have you got to say about the traffic in Kajang

The Celebrations are still ongoing and minute by minute the traffic are passing through Kajang and mainly to avoid paying toll. Once the school holidays are over we will experience traffic as usual JAM! especially the hour when the morning classes ends and the afternoon classes are about to begin. Sometimes the jam are due to overwhelming traffic volumes and other times bad traffic light timing and of course the usual bad parking habits of some people, queue jumping, buses park at bus stop which only suppose to pick up passengers blah blah blah etc...
And usually around this time people seems to be more stressful than usual, I am sure there are many near misses and sometimes accidents which results in ugly situations.

Hope somebody can give good suggestions to improve the situations........

Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year 2007

Wishing All a Very Happy Chinese New Year 2007

May you and your family attain Good Health and Happiness!!!


Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Something to talk about!!!

Hi! You are invited to post any interesting happenings in Kajang which used to be a sleepy town in the 60's, now it is bustling with people, traffic, buildings which now becomes a busy town. So if you have something interesting to share, pls post your ideas here and incl. your name. If you have photos or suitable articles you can email it to