Saturday, April 28, 2007

Kajang High School

In the year January 1973, I had been transfered to Kajang High School (KHS) the most prestigious school at that time, it was all male school only to have its history rewritten when they admit girls for the Form 6 classes. Everything was strange and different because in the primary school at Hill Street Kajang we had new buildings but in KHS it was colonial design, the building looked very stately like and very grand. As the main building was built in April 1 1930 and its opening was graced by His Royal Highness Sultan Alaiddin Suleiman Shah K.C.M.G. Sultan of Selangor. As the years past the building at its present site undergo many changes to what it is today. The picture on the right is the right wing, photo taken from road leading up to the main complex.

As boy scouts member we would always be active during most of the school's activities like sports day, cross country run etc. and on other occasions we would camp at our scout house (use to be located just behind the present KHS hall). During our camps we would collect bamboos from the opposite hill (now Bukit Mewah) and build many gadgets like tables and chairs just to test our scouting skills. And at night we would have campfire gatherings and our seniors would tell stories about KHS from ghost stories to the Japanese occupation and especially there were secret tunnels on the border of KHS and the Hockkien Cemetery. So during the day we went looking for secret tunnels and we found them, with fear and anxiety we climb down one particular tunnel which was about 6 feet deep and once inside there were connecting underground tunnels. It was dark except for the sun light through the tunnel, it was covered with cobweb we dare not venture further as it was near the cemetery, pretty scary for a young boy scout.

Sleeping in the school class rooms was also "hair raising" experience, at one particular dark night around 20 of us decided to sleep in the classroom in the main school building and somewhere after midnight, we were still awake and we heard footsteps along the corridor, without hesitating we rush out to see who it was. There was no one............. except.............. ... foot steps...........was clearly heard, really hair raising experience. Till today things still happened in the night without explanation.

KHS had many outstanding students, one of them who was transfered from another school (Victoria Institution) to Kajang High School was Tan Sri Dato' Dr. David Tan Chee Khoon who was a outstanding boy scout and also a patrol leader. Here is an extract ...

Tan Sri Dato' Dr David Tan Chee Khoon, born on 4 March 1919, was a V.I. student at High Street and later at the new V.I. in 1937-1938. He is perhaps the most renowned and respected Malaysian opposition leader of all time. He was also a most selfless doctor, a tireless educationalist, a humble christian and an avid reader and writer to boot. His two sons- Tan Kee Keong and Tan Kee Kwong - were Victorians (and doctors) as well. The latter was also the V.I. School Captain in 1965 and is now the Deputy Minister for Land and Co-operative Development. Tan Sri was close to his alma mater, and he even attended both the Centenary Countdown and Centenary Dinner in 1993. The following is the story of Tan Sri's inspirational life, extracted from his autobiography, Tan Chee Khoon: From Village Boy to Mr Opposition and from various articles.

If you have interesting stories about KHS you are welcomed and If you happened to be a KHS old boy or Class of 77, they will be having reunion dinner in 7 of July 2007 (7/07/2007) you can contact

Tony Choo 012-3667833 or
Kwan Hock Hai 019-2279209, 03-21635848


Anonymous said...

Hey...I am a proud Kajang citizen, and I've always thought that Kajang is a wonderful place to raise a family and have a touch of urban, but still haveing that suburban experience.

How about a post about the other very old school in kajang: Convent Kajang? And its ties to the Holy Family Church. That would be an interesting read.

If you want photos, I could provide some. Let me know! Hope to see many more posts on this blog!

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Charmaine said...

my dad's in that scout's photo!

Kc and Yk said...

hmmmmm I wonder who might that be?

KC said...

Mr. Kwan.. My current boss.. but gonna end my training at his company... =(

Ismail Hassan said...

Hi there. Ismail here. I was your classmate (class photo, seated, 2nd from left). So glad I found this blog though I'm not sure if your are actively updating it. I sorry I can't remember you, but the fact is I can't remember most of the guys in the pic. Hope to get in touch with you.