Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Another Fire - Early Morning News 4th April 2007 - Kajang News

This morning a few shophouses was on fire just in front of Metro Plaza and TNB office, billowing black smoke is seen from far. Roads from the Main Street, Jalan Reko, Jalan Tukang and Jalan Sulaiman was closed to traffic causing a massive jam. By noon the fire was brought under control by firemen from Kajang Fire Station. Reports by Patrick Chin from nearby shops reported that the Bicycle shop (corner shop facing Metro Plaza) was completely destroyed, second shop selling home plastic wares was almost completely burn only front portion left standing and the third shop's (Bonanza) back portion was destroyed. A sad incident for owners and espcially for the Home Plastic wares whom had experienced from a previous fire, (see story - Big Fire in Kajang Town). Sources said that the fire may have been caused by tenants cooking on the second floor of the bicycle shop, others says due to a short circuit. What ever is the caused will be investigated by the authorities. At this time there is no report of casualty but damages to property and stock could amount to a RM1 million. Photographs will be posted once it is obtained from friends who took pictures of the incident.

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Anonymous said...

actually no people was cooking at second floor , that time have two people slept at second floor , i think should be the wire shocked.

they even no time to take their asset =.="

Anonymous said...

hurmm....the only thing i know is i witnessed the fire from my class... clear view of smoke going high up into the clouds ...XD

Anonymous said...

New Era ah ? @@

this is my friend shop oh
that day saw her suddenly so busy and keep make call= ="

lucky the two people know hot and wake up la..