Monday, March 30, 2009

YO-YO, Champion from Kajang

Did you know that in Kajang we have have a homegrown yo-yo champion? I guess not. In 1973 there were yo-yo competitions promoted and sponsored by Coca-Cola company. It became a instant hit and it was the toy to get. The hours we spent practicing the tricks and loops till our fingers became blistered and sometimes black eyed, especially attempting the trick 'shoot the moon'.

My childhood friend and neighbor Robert Low (click to know about his Fried Hockkien Mee), started yo-yoing (our English term for playing yo-yo) when he was 12 years old. We entered many competitions in Kajang, KL and PJ, together we have won many district and weekend challengers. Well actually Robert won more than I did and our prize included crates of Coca-Cola drinks, yo-yo s', strings and others. Robert almost made it to the finals which was held at the Coca-Cola factory in Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur and the first prize was a brand new car and won by a Eurasian guy. Robert could remember the Judge, Mr. Alfanso Trujilo from Colombia, in the finals whoever can play the most number of loops (loop-a-loop) will be the champion.

In 1975, the yo-yo promotion was back in Malaysia and this time Robert at age 14 more experienced and could play very well in loop-a-loop with both hands. Still miss the finals but he was spotted doing the loops with both hands (a trick considered difficult) by a Philippine yo-yo champion. Robert was invited to be one of the professionals of the Russell YO-YO team conductiong promotions.

In Roberts' words:-

"I started traveling with the Russell YO-YO team in 1981 to countries that include Colombia, Brazil, Spain, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Jordan and Panama. While I yo-yoing around I started collecting yo-yos from all over the world. I'm still having my first yo-yo I bought at RM 1.70 (USD 0.45) in 1973. 2 yo-yos from the year 1969 in Colombia. I have traded about 20 yo-yos with Mr. Yohan (USA Champion). Now in my collection there are more than 800 pieces of yo-yo from around the world and I'm willing to trade some of my yo-yos"

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Robert Low can be contacted at Robert also has a team of yo-yo players also known as R-YO Team that does commercial promotions at company functions and competitions for companies promoting their products. You can also view his collections at his Felicidad Restaurant in Kajang.

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