Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Great Kajang Flood 70's

On the morning of the Great Floods that happen in Kajang. Morgan Soo who reside in Kajang Town started taking photos of various places in Kajang Town. See if you can identify the various places.

Picture 1
Beside TNB Kajang

Picture 2
Jalan Mendaling - the Last Shop on left is "Sea Yea" Temple

Picture 3

This is the Jalan Sungai Chua outside the shop houses from Kajang Garden which has changed to Desa Bunga Raya. The new flyover is standing over this location.

Picture 4
Kg. Jambu, next to the Langat River is the first to be flooded.

Picture 5
"Sea Yea" Temple side view

Picture 6
Kg. Jambu, Sikh Temple beside the railway gate.

Picture 7

The railway bridge over Kajang river, those days its made of iron structure but now replace with concrete. Its location just behind Aked Mara building and TNB Kajang Jalan Reko.

Picture 8

The roundabout between Main Street and Suleiman Street, the old bazaar is on the right. Metro Plaza building is occupying this location.

Picture 9

LLN Kajang now TNB Kajang same location beside Aked Mara building

Picture 10

Railway bridge over Kajang River. Notice the bended railway line cause by the floods.

Picture 11
Kg. Jambu

Picture 12
Railway track towards Kuala Lumpur direction, Kg. Jambu should be on the right and Sg. Chua on the left.

Picture 13
Photo taken from the railway bridge, River View Garden opposite of the "Sea Yea" Temple (back of Jalan Mendaling).

Picture 14

Kajang Roundabout with the National Cinema at the rear. On the left is Chiam Kee Chicken Rice Shop which has moved to Medan Selera (beside Kajang Market). If you are turning from the back of Bank Islam as you approach the Kajang Market there is a bridge on the right and the right has an eatery shop is now the present Chiam Kee Chicken Rice Shop.

Picture 15

The old Kajang Market I believe the present location is the Aked Mara building.

Picture 16

Shell Station just in front of Foh Hup Bus Station (ceased operations) now occupy by Metro Plaza Kajang. This Shell Station has moved to Jalan Semenyih just in front Kajang High School (KHS school field)

Picture 17
Side view of Sin Swee Kee Motor Shop and on the right is MCA office (undergoing construction now)

Picture 18
Side view of "Sea Yea" Temple, the flooded front portion is now the Hockkien Temple.

Picture 19
The former IC department office location.

Picture 20

I believe the railway line between Sungai Chua and the Railway bridge.

The above photos is courtesy of Morgan Soo. If you have any idea on the above (Pictures 1-20) locations please post your comment. Meanwhile Morgan Soo will be providing the actual details and location. Well if you can remember the exact location please let us know.


Anonymous said...

thank you for posting all these precious pictures. Kajang looks so different now, and this brings back a lot of my childhood memories. I believe the flood happened in 1971?

Lizardto De La Gecko said...

Thanks for sharing these unique and classic array of old photos. Your effort is greatly appreciated!

Jason said...

Thanks for those memorable pictures. I had saved some of the pictures to post in other forum for sharing purpose.
Any others "old" kajang or sungai chua's pictures?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

gosh, seeing these pictures at perth make me thinking of going back kajang. I miss my home town.

Harith Faruqi Sidek said...

Sir, may i use one of those photo for my blog...i'll link it to your blog.

Anonymous said...

wah... so nostalgia.. any updates?

Majid Muin said...

I wish I could turn back the clock.Life is nothing like the old Kajang ways. Sad to see it's all gone now.

Chong Sun Fatt said...

This must be the Big Flood that hit KL, Selangor, NS, and Perak started on 2 January 1971.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

my home was at Jalan Reko and was badly flooded for days.. we had to take refuge at my grandma's home at Hill Street as her house was on the higher grounds... those were the days ..

Eddie Chan said...

Thank you so much for posting these historical shots of an unforgetable moment.They are really prices.
I was only five years old at that time when the flood came and my family and i were renting a place in one of those shop houses at Jalan Besar.Because of the flood,we were forced to be evacuated to my late grandfather's house on higher grounds in Sungai Besi.
These shots certainly bring back a lot of "bitter" memories as well as sweet ones.