Saturday, March 17, 2007

Nasi Lemak - 10 cents p pack THE REAL THING - Pasar Malam Evolution

Back in 70's I could remember every Saturday night there will be this Saturday Night Market that was held in Old Kajang Town Hall at the very site where the new one is sitting. We would walk from home (about 10 mins) and with whatever shillings we saved would spent buying those delicious home make "kuih-kuih" for about 5 to 10 cents per piece. Rural and town folks would gather and set up their stores to sell these items ranging from kuih-kuih, tahu sumbat etc. to nasi lemak (click on the nasi lemak recipe link) (10 cents per pack YES!) and occasionally there would be all kinds of performers like snake charmers and kung fu display that will end up with selling herbs and herbal remedies.

Well today this Saturday Night Market has evolved into Pasar Malam and it is held every night. It has become a full time income for many of these so called night traders, some may be supplementing their income and for others it is a full time job and it can be very lucrative but it is hard earned money. Many types of items can be found in these pasar malam such as food, house hold items, decorative items, fruits, vegetables, tit bits, potted plants, toys (latest designs), latest movies (VCD/DVD) and songs (CD's) yes! and etc.
Prices are displayed (as required by law) and most of the time you can bargain for a price reduction. Depending on your bargaining skill you sometimes get good discounts.

Usually these traders would begin their day at around 5.00pm till 10.00pm and normally at any one time they would occupy the whole street sometimes even two or three street depending on the popularity of the area. They would come in all sizes of vehicles and occupy their favorite spot. Towards the evening when it gets cooler, people would start swarming over the whole area, loud shouts, music and generators would give the place an attractive feel. Customers, some come from near by residential houses in very very casual wear (the opposite when you walk in Mid Valley), some drive from far, some would leave very satisfied and some not so. By 11.00pm the whole area would be deserted and looking like one large dump yard with garbages strewn all over the place and stinks too. Contract cleaners would start cleaning up and usually by morning the place is clean up. Looks like they are here to stay for a long time to come and maybe further Evolution. From Mondays to Sundays they are over the place. Take your pick....

Monday - Bandar Teknologi Kajang, Broga, Serdang
Sg. Chua - comment by Jesmond thx!
Tuesday - Bandar Baru Bangi, Sungai Long

Taman Sri Langat Jln Reko - comment by Carson K.U. thx!

Wednesday - Semenyih (Garden), Asa Jaya
Thursday - Bandar Teknologi Kajang, Jasmin, Sungai Chua
Friday - Sungai Jelok, Balakong
Saturday - Semenyih Town, Bandar Baru Bangi, Bandar Teknologi Kajang
Sunday - Bukit Mewah, Kajang Utama, Sungai Ramal


Anonymous said...

yeaaa...pasar malams... cheap stuffz everywhere!!~ it will only be cheap if u know how to bargain well,if u ask "boss,berapa?" den pay as much as the person selling mentioned... den say gud bye to ur notes... and yea,the time when things use to be really really cheap...i wish prices can go back to the past where its cheap...but not our allowance too ofcoz!! XD and mr flipper,u forgot one more quite famous pasar malam...


its a pasar malam with soooooo much food... includin the famous 'rojak king', hes the guy drivin a van,and i think he sells rojak at sg chua on thursdays too~ and taman seri langat was where i used to live,still remember the days when i cycle to dat pasar malam every tuesday last time...buying fried wan tan,its only rm1 for 5 crispy wantans !! XD

holion said...

I remember the pasar malam well. It was something me and my siblings look forward to each week - yeah not much of a social life then. They used to screen black and white movies on a big outdoor screen too! Nothing like to goreng pisang, keledek, ondeh ondeh and kueh piring and then back home to make a big pot of kopi-o-kau to go with them in front of the tv. Life was so simple then!

Approximus said...

there is another pasar malam in sg chua!! on monday!

-source Ashok Muthu from Kajang

Anonymous said...

There will be another PM soon held every saturday. Location will be announce weekly.Its call Pasar Malam Hash House Harrier. aka PM3.

Pls come to this PM with jogging shoes and exercise shorts or pants.If you want to go against the trend then come in pajamas.

Anonymous said...

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